when the wind blows, the trees and all of nature sway.

and God is showing us that He is dancing and moving through the land.

the rustling of the leaves and gentle whisper of breeze in our ears is the Almighty and His Angles singing and speaking truth and purity into our hearts.

the whirlwind of gusts enfolding around is Him embracing us and letting us know of His presence.

the aroma the wind stirs up is cleansing to the soul, and is an indicator of the blessings God is creating & brewing for us.

the speed of the wind displays His gentleness as well as His fierce strength & power to bring justice to this world.

all of this combined is assurance to our heart & soul that God is everywhere with us and in everything.

it is His indescribable beauty and wonder that brings us peace in our hearts, trust in Him, and look beyond ourselves.

it is Him in the wind saying “I will lift you up and carry you…”