Archives for the month of: September, 2012

Twenty years ago a radiant shining star came into my life. It was an incredible gift to have that star in my life for 12 short years. That star is my brother, Chandler. Today he would have been 20 years old!!! There is no helium in central Oregon, so sending off his card in a boat down the river was my alternative!

O Happy Day Chandler! I love & miss you MORE!!!


tonight I had the lovely opportunity to spend time with my friend, Kara… we hiked up to Tumalo Falls, just fifteen minutes from my house… immersed in the beauty of the sights and sounds of the water, we were so thankful for our dinner, conversations, and communion with nature.


this mama and her two little ones have been hanging around in my neighborhood and in the flower beds of my porch lately… I was able to make friends with the mama and give her a bit of an afternoon snack the other day.