Bonjour from Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo!

After a 21 hours en-route, Taryn & I safely arrived into Kigali, Rwanda yesterday evening. Twice while we waited for our bags, the electricity went out in the airport, but we were thankful our luggage made it. We were enthusiastically greeted by three of the leaders from ALARM, and taken to the base to eat dinner and sleep.

Taryn woke up this morning, ill, with painful stomach cramps and chills. Before we left for Goma, she thankfully started feeling a bit better. We ate breakfast, and were on our way to Goma mid-morning. The three hour drive was incredible, driving through lush green mountains, and observing a very different culture and way of life operate. It is surreal to be here.

Once we made it to the DRC, we were greeted by three new ALARM leaders. They brought us to the Bungwe Hotel, we ate a delicious lunch of roasted chicken, and all met to talk about our schedule. The remainder of the afternoon and evening we have had to rest and catch up on sleep.

Tomorrow the work begins. We are going to a girls graduation where they have learned how to tailor and sew clothing. Two of those girls that are graduating are orphans that Taryn and I will be getting their information, story, and photos for ALARM. After the graduation we will meet all of the other orphans that we will be documenting.

That is all for now… there is wifi in this hotel, so I will try to update daily if possible. Please continue to pray for our health, energy, grace, and that we would be a source of light to shine in this land.

Until next post, Salut!