Before I come to Africa next time, my goal is to learn French; it is the official language here, and it would help a TON with communicating with the people.

Today was an exhausting and heartbreaking yet encouraging 10 hours of documenting. Exhausting because it was non-stop. Heartbreaking  because we heard countless stories that continued to echo with each child. Encouraging because we were able to witness how ALARM is working to provide resources for these children to get the education that they desire in order to follow their dreams. Taryn and Janet, our interpreter, interviewed 19 orphans today, and I worked to capture a small piece of them through photography. At the end of every interview, Taryn and I prayed for each of these children.

We also were privileged to be a part of ALARM’s tailor graduation for 17 young girls. It was a very humbling experience to see girls who have gone through the worst of circumstances, be offered a new opportunity that will forever change their life. It was fulfilling to see their faces light up, and their family present in support of them.

It was quite a life changing and eye opening day…

P.S. On another note, Taryn and I each are not responding well to the food, and are hardly able to stomach the different combinations provided to us… so we might return home having lost a bit of weight.