brunsman_L_healAfrica-2Three years ago my colleague and close friend, Taryn, and I traveled to The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, and were forever transformed in ways nauseously humbling by our experiences and time there.

Our purpose was to help serve an organization, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries. They led us to document stories of orphans grossly and inhumanely suffering brutality as result of deeply rooted corruption and ongoing after effects of the Rwandan genocide – continued war. 

Over the next days I will feature a different story from our time at a particular orphanage in Goma, DRC, called The Dina Centre. There is a long story of victory and hope to be shared about this orphanage, and it will come soon. Along with the Dina Centre, I would like to highlight another organization that partners with them – a non-profit hospital named, Heal Africa. The stories, if you choose to read, are real and happening to thousands of innocent families across the DRC. They will sober and disgust you. But I am sharing these, not just to expose truth, but more importantly that you KNOW that hope, healing, goodness and victory ARE possible and ARE happening right now amidst such dark wickedness. The partnership of Heal Africa and The Dina Centre are magnificently restoring the ability to hope, dream, love and be free again.

I visited both Heal Africa and the Dina Centre while in Goma. I believe and trust in both of these organizations, and I have witnessed the Dina Centre fight through the darkest corruption to come out victoriously in the light (this story is coming). Each of these organizations need our sustaining help to continue in the light of restoration, healing and freedom. If you are stirred to help in this movement, please visit +

Photo taken at Heal Africa Hospital, Goma, DR Congo, November 2012