Being a only a three hour train ride away from Paris, it feels surreal to process the iniquity that has taken place over the weekend. My heart is grieving for everyone affected by this tragedy – essentially the whole world is affected.

I am absolutely exhausted at experiencing and witnessing fear rip its vicious claws and teeth through love, and bringing deeply rooted division all over the world.

It appears that fear has dominion over love in this world right now, but I say, hold on and prepare yourself folks, because the Real True Power is yet to come. A moment is swiftly on the way, where we will all be overtaken by the grandest earthquake, tsunami, tornado and hurricane of TRUE LOVE, triumphantly demolishing fear once and for all… whether you believe or not is your choice, but His name is Jesus Christ, and the days are wildly ticking down until this time arrives.

I challenge everyone who is reading this to examine your heart… if you have an issue with your fellow neighbor, ask yourself why, and dig deeper beyond the surface. FEAR KILLS LOVE MY PEOPLE, it is the root of evil that manifests in many different ways. We are all human, with hearts; hearts created to love. But there is a powerful evil force working tirelessly against all mankind that is to be reckoned with. Let us stop fueling this evil with our judging and throwing our fellow people “under the bus”, and take a good look at our own hearts. If we want to see change in this world, we can only start by changing ourselves.

I challenge us all to stand up in the face of fear and choose to do something that feels downright scary – to lay down our feelings of fear and what we think is true as a result of it, and instead – LOVE. Fear ALWAYS lies to us, and deceives us into thinking and believing the worst about people. Taking this risk to let go of fear and embrace love is a process that takes conscious, intentional choices. It’s not an easy fight, but the more you choose to love, you will discover a hidden treasure – the best kind of freedom and joy. There’s nothing to be lost, only gained.

Let us start a revolution of love that begins with looking at ourselves and then risking to step over our fears.

If you are still reading, I thank you for hearing me out. I pray there is truth stirring in your heart, and I hope this is a challenge that you will seriously consider… in your every day actions, thoughts, words, motives, attitudes, opinions, beliefs…

Let love win right now my beloved brothers and sisters of the world. It’s inexpressibly worth the risk to change and be changed by choosing to love even when it feels uncomfortably vulnerable and crazy.

I could keep going, but I shall stop here. Be deeply blessed and healed with the Hope of Love over fear in the name of our coming Victor, Jesus Christ.

photo: Paris, May 2015

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