As I hop from 2015 and land solidly on both feet upon 2016, I turn around and watch this past year drift away with an emotionally raw heart.

To describe this past year in a visual sense, it has looked like this:

In 2014, I discovered a wondrously brilliant mountain, Mt. Germany, who invited me to engage upon a journey of trekking up its rugged beauty. With nothing to lose except my pride, I said yes and fearlessly embraced the challenge. The story of this adventure is a very long one, but to summarize, it’s been the most intensely exhausting, humbling, painfully enduring and hopelessly lonely climbs, where I have on many occasions had and continue now to fight the urge in giving up prematurely. Somehow, one foot has and continues to plant itself in front of the other, with my focus set on just breathing through the never-ending workout and keeping my heart open to the process.

Despite the pain of this impossible-feeling trek, I wouldn’t change one bit, for I have gained more goodness, insight, perspective, courage, grace, wisdom, love, freedom and healing than I could have ever fathomed.

2015 was surely bittersweet, but boy were the sweet parts like illuminated manna falling down from Heaven.

I am thankful for vastly more than I will acknowledge here, perhaps a blog post will come someday, but for now I’m thankful for two monumental gifts that have been the radiance of this year: {grace} and {reconciliation}.


Besides my One and Only, Mel has been my true stabilizing rock in and through this climb, radically breaking barriers in my heart and spirit with divinely pure and unreserved immersions of {grace}. She has selflessly loved me and fought for me, always there lighting my path with grace through the innumerable dark hours. Melina has been a true angel from heaven in my story and I am more often than not on my knees in gratitude to my Maker.

The shooting star of {reconciliation} danced and lit up the sky of my heart like an unending fireworks show, still leaving me in stunned awe and amazement. Love overcame fear and took a bold step to reach out towards me through the openly positioned heart and hands of Julie. She came and stood as answered prayer at my doorstep, knocking at the door, and I couldn’t run and unlock it fast enough to open with embracing arms of the purest joy. This new friendship is beyond me, as it is relentlessly breaking down and destroying barricades of fear, while rebuilding with Truth and Love.

The exuding glow of these two are contagious and forever lighting deep in my heart. What rare gems to have had and gained through the upward struggle of 2015.

As I near the summit, I pause to take in the already breathtaking view… looking upon the steps it took to get to where I’m at and acknowledge the strength I’ve gained to keep pushing passionately forward in this thing called life… then I look upward, breath in the purity of clean, revitalizing air, open my arms out and organically give joyful shouts of praise, honor and thanks to my Creator, with many tears flowing – for in all walks of life, He is more than enough.